About Us

Learn To Thrive Education is an education center offering programs specializing in supporting students who experience academic challenges and neurodiverse learners. We have discovered, there is a need for high-quality, high support academic support for children with diverse learning and social needs. Students deserve opportunities to actively participate in inclusive environments that foster quality education, high support, and high expectations to achieve their highest level.

We understand the traditional "one size fits all"classrooms is not the best fit for students needing additional academic or social-emotional support. It is often very difficult for students to achieve success without high-level personalized support in traditional classrooms and as a result, they oftentimes become bystanders and have limited access to positive learning experiences. We understand that every student has a different way of learning and very student deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, thrive, and participate without barriers.

As a parent, finding highly supportive programs that best fit your child's unique needs may be challenging. We can relate to this as parents, who desire a high-challenge, high-quality, high-support education, for our children to have the opportunity to grow and thrive and enjoy learning.  

We understand your desire to provide your child with the best educational and life experiences.  No matter the area your child deserves a highly supportive environment that encourages and challenges them to reach their highest potential to achieve overall success. Learn To Thrive Education Center was designed to create those experiences specifically for children with diverse learning needs.

We understand the value of personalized instruction catering to the needs and enhancing the strengths of students. We understand that students need to find the way of learning that works best for them. This can be difficult to accomplish in traditional classroom settings. Our goal is to create a learning environment where students will be prepared for academic and social success in school and beyond.  

We welcome the opportunity to partner with families and the community to create positive learning experiences that are nurturing, flexible, and reflect student strengths and interests to cultivate and enhance the skills and gifts of students, empowering them to build confidence and independence for a fulfilling future.






Meet the Owner

Kenyetta Russell, M.Ed

I am Kenyetta Russell. I have over 20 years of experience in the public education system. During my tenure as an educator, I became a multi-year "Teacher of the Year". I had the pleasure to serve as a certified special education coordinator, teacher mentor, and facilitator, and now—the founder and director of Learn To Thrive Education & Resource Center.

My intention for sharing this background is for you to know - I am PASSIONATE and DEDICATED to teaching, serving and advocating for students with special needs and students with academic challenges. I was invested during that season of life, but my desire was much bigger. I wanted to provide a space for children to learn authentically, naturally, and without limitations. I realized I could no longer grow and fit inside a box that was created for me. 

I understood the need for students to have a place to have their needs meet and feel seen and included. I wanted students to be given high expectations with the same level of high support to fit their needs. From that, I realized my purpose was to create Learn To Thrive Education Center, a place where neurodiverse learners and learners with diverse learning needs can learn, grow and thrive through a holistic approach..

Creating a place where learning goes far beyond policies, assessments, and standardized learning. We are a learning environment where authenticity is embraced, moments are filled with care, fun and enjoyment! Students love coming to school and are free to be kids!

I continue to work, advocating for all students inside and outside of the classroom to eliminate the opportunity and learning gaps for diverse learners. I am a proud member of The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) and Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

I have the hands-on, real-world experience and commitment you need and seek “to cultivate leaders for positive transformations”.