Frequently Asked Questions

What is a microschool?

The concept of a microschool is new to many people, but they are growing in popularity across the nation. Microschooling is the reinvention of the one-room school house, where class size is typically smaller than that in most schools (15 students or less in a classroom) and they include mixed-age level groupings.

How do you teach multi grade levels at one time?

Learn To Thrive Education intentionally designed a small group learning environment so we can provide students with a personalized education experience that they may not otherwise receive in a larger education setting.  Our teachers are aware that one size does not fit all. Students have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive at their own pace while participating in engaging authentic learning experiences.

Students are taught core(reading, math) through small groups and one-on-one instruction. Learning groups are fluid and shift as student needs change. Students work collaboratively to learn from the teacher as well as each other.  Science, Social Studies and other enrichment topics are taught whole group through unit themes and project-based learning experiences that are hands-on and guided by student interests.

How are standards and curriculum goals met for multi-age classrooms?

Each student's learning path is unique. With the help of parents/guardians, we create a personalized plan that focuses on the whole child. Each child works on a continuum at their own pace to learn academics, solve problems, think critically, socialize, and grow emotionally. The teacher’s job in a multi-age classroom is to facilitate the educational journey and incorporate the standards and curricular resources that can support students learning along the way. High standards are not equal to same standards.

How do I know if my educational goals for my child are being met?

Learn To Thrive Education Center is designed for families who:

Desire a small, homeschool-like learning environment
 Are comfortable with mixed-age grouping.
Value personalized and student-led learning.
Value growth over excellence
Prefer hands-on learning experiences over memorization and standardized learning.

How much is tuition at Learn To Thrive Education?

Our tuition pricing is located here. We accept scholarships such as FTC,FES - UA and New Worlds Reading Scholarships.

What might a typical day look like?

We incorporate work cycles that include a rotation schedule in which students are working on different skills at different times. This helps to ensure all students are receiving personalized learning. During these times, teachers/guides also do small group and 1:1 instruction with learners.

Here is a sample of what a day at our school may look like. Please keep in mind that we are student-centered and our student needs and experiences determine our day-to-day schedule. This schedule is subject to change. 

Social Emotional Circle 9:00-9:15

Reading/Lang Arts  9:15-10:30

Break/Snack 10:30-10:45 

Math  10:45-11:30

Lunch/ Recreational Time 11:30:-12:45

STEM/Art/Cooking/Science/Social Studies/Project-based learning 12:45-1:45

Reflection/Wrap up/Clean up/Dismissal 1:45-2:00

How will progress monitoring and feedback work without traditional report cards?

Typical report cards with letter grades do not align with the style of learning our students participate in. We provide high challenge high support learning and expect high-quality performance from our students in accordance to their ability level.  However, we do value feedback and reporting that guide the teacher as well as inform the parents. We want to ensure we are nurturing a love for learning in students without the unnecessary pressures of traditional letter grades or standardized testing.

Progress monitoring is continuous and progress reports are provided quarterly.

Our report cards measure student progress on an individual specific skills providing more specific information rather than a simple letter grade provides. Our report cards also include a narrative describing each student’s growth. This includes strengths, areas of improvement of learning goals, leadership skills, social skills, and social/emotional development. 

Will learners by grouped by grade level?

Students at Learn To Thrive are grouped by upper and lower school elementary grades and middle school level. We believe that children learn best while working alongside peers both younger and older than themselves rather than separated into age-based groups. Every student will have numerous opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers with varying ability levels.

Do you offer specialized services, for learning/ behavioral support for students with special needs?

We value working with families of students with diverse learning needs. However as a tutoring based microschool, with limited staff capacity, we are unable to offer specialized services such as speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral support, or 1:1 adult assistance for individual learners who may require extensive support for learning, behavior, and independent functioning. We require family interviews to determine if our program is an appropriate fit for every student. 

What forms of assessments does the school use?

Mastery of concepts are accessed via projects and teacher-made assessments integrated into the both online and offline curriculum. In addition, we maintain portfolios of student work and anecdotal records to evaluate student progress. Regular progress monitoring of student progress is provided for accountability for continued skill mastery. Families may choose to have their child participate in a standardized assessment administered 3 times a year to assess yearly progress. 

Do students wear uniforms?

No, however, students wear a school spirit shirt for field trips, events, and school pictures. The link to purchase shirts and other school items be found under the More tab on our website https://learntothriveeducationresourcecenter.com/ .

Is the part-time home school program like a co-op?  

This is a drop-off program that does not require parental attendance. 

Does the school provide lunch?

All students bring their lunch, a snack, and a refillable water bottle. With parental consent, our learning center provides one snack choice for students daily.  Students are not allowed to share food.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes. We offer a variety of payment plans to suit the needs of each family. Parents/guardians may choose to pay a one time annual tuition payment two equal tuition payments, or 10 equal monthly installments.

What are the school hours and do you offer before or aftercare?

School hours are Monday-Thurday from 9:00 am -2:00 pm. Student drop-off begins at 8:45 a.m. and afternoon dismissal runs through 2:15 p.m. Fridays are field trip or field experience days. Hours of student participation vary on these days.  We do not offer beforecare at this time. We do offer limited aftercare from 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm for an additional $25 fee per day. 

Do you provide extracurricular activities?

We currently provide Lego Club  and Chess Club on Wednesdays from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Is tuition prorated for late enrollment/sick/vacation 

Learn To Thrive offers an individualized learning program, that allows students to enroll anytime during the year. If families choose to take a vacation or a student misses days due to sickness, families may choose to utilize our designated online curriculum to continue practicing skills during their absence.  Students may also make up missed days if days are available. As vacancies occur during the year, available spots will be filled from the waiting list. An application and, registration fees must be submitted to be placed on the waiting list.