Enrollment & Fees

Full-Time Learning 

Monday- Friday in person 

9 am- 2 pm 

Kindergarten-8th grade

Core academic tutoring support

Groups led by a certified and experienced teacher

Differentiated instruction to meet diverse learning needs

Core subjects

Multi-sensory learning

Project-based learning

Community-based learning

Life Skills

Enrichment classes

Regular assessments to monitor progress

Field Trips

End-of-year evaluations

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Hybrid Homeschool Fun and Learn Days

Part-Time 2 Days

2 days per week in person

Thursday and Friday

Drop in full day 9 am- 2 pm

Kindergarten- 8th grade

Academic and enrichment classes

Part-Time 3 Days

3 days per week

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday  in person

Drop in full day 9 am- 2 pm

Kindergarten- 8th grade

Core Academic and enrichment classes

**Homeschoolers are invited to attend our field trips. The price for field trips is $150 per student per month (includes all field trips for the month), or $50 per field trip.

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Enrichment Classes **Registration Opens Soon**

Classes begin August 19, 2024

Classes start as low as $10 per class

Whether you are a current student at our micrschool, a family navigating the homeschool journey on your own or a traditional student coming from a public, private or charter school setting, our enrichment classes are designed with your child in mind. Affordable, fun, and engaging, guided by experienced facilitators. Watch your child's excitement grow and thrive with each class they take!

Thursday- Friday 

Kindergarten-8th grade

Small group classes

Personalized attention and support

Fun and interactive activities

*** Accepts Step Up  For Students Scholarships,  FES - UA  and  New Worlds scholarship***


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Fall Class Schedules Coming Soon!

Kindergarten boys reading a book  on  learning in an international school library.teacher ,education, kid and primary school concept .

Word Wonders- Discovering Magic in the World of Reading- ages 5-10 ( 12 weeks) Mondays



Let your little one explore limitless world of words. Learners will engage in fun and interactive reading activities that will ignite their curiosity to learn more. This class will focus on phonics, word work, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary

Emergent Readers ages(5-6) 9:15 am-10:15 am

Beginner Reader-ages (5-8) 10:30-11:30

Decoding Reader ages (8-10) 12:00-1:00 pm

Chemistry class makes chemistry experiment. STEM. Robotics, mechanic, chemistry, biology. Modern education. Fun and interesting White boards background

Steamify- Level Up with STEM and STEAM Classes ages 5-13 (12 weeks) Wednesdays



Fueling Curiosity, Igniting Passion, Shaping the Future! 🚀Future Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators aged 5-13 can participate in engaging and interactive experiments. Embark on a Journey of Discovery with our Elementary STEAM Class with hands-on experiments, technology engineering, coding and the fusion of art and technology.

12:45-2:00 pm (6-10)

colored wooden numbers on a white background

Number Ninjas- Embark on a Mathematical Adventure- ages 5-10 (12 weeks) Wednesdays



Become a warrior in the world of numbers through exciting games, puzzles, and real-life applications that make math come alive! Build a solid foundation in core math concepts, ensuring success in current and future mathematical endeavors.Our dedicated teachers are passionate about making math fun and accessible, creating a positive and encouraging learning environment.

9:15-10:15 am (5-7)

10:30- 11:30 am (8-10)

Fall Class Schedule Coming Soon!

Plastic toy blocks on marble background

Lego Lab- ages 5-13 (12 weeks) Wednesdays



Attention Little Architects, Engineers, and Dreamers Aged 5-13! Join Our Lego Building and Robotics Class for a World of Creativity and Fun! 👧👦🧱 Ignite the Spark of Imagination with Every Click! 🧱🌟 Lego Adventures🚀 Themed Creations: 🤖 Robot Building Challenges🏰 Storytelling through Bricks Build, Create, Innovate 🚀Dive into🧩 Lego Masterpieces🤖 Robotics Exploration🌟 Hands-On Learning👨‍🏫Experienced Instructors

2:15 -3:15pm (6-13)

A set of materials for creativity and drawing Hobbies. Classes for creativity with children. Flat lay top view

Creative Arts- ages 5-12 (12 weeks) Thursdays



Dive into a world of colors, imagination, and self-expression through simple drawings, art and crafts. Join our Creative Art Classes for kids and watch their creativity come to life! Materials included

12:00-1 pm (5-12)

 Yoga Sounds Good by Coleen-ages 5-12 (10 weeks) Thursdays   Minimum 5 students per class  to run

Yoga Sounds Good by Coleen-ages 5-12 (10 weeks) Thursdays Minimum 5 students per class to run



Embark on a journey of self-discovery, strength, and inner calm Join our exciting and enriching Yoga and Mindfulness Class for Kids! Materials included.

9:00- 9:30 am (5-8) $15

9:45-10:30 am (9-12) $20 per class


Our tutoring sessions are great for learners who may be experiencing difficulty with a particular subject. Schedule with us to receive your free diagnostic assessment

Three packages to choose from. Click Here to see packages

Billed monthly according to the number of sessions chosen

K-8th grade

Limited  sessions are available

Tutoring Packages Include:

  • Reading, ELA, or Math 
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Individualized Learning Plan
  • Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Personalized Tutoring Sessions
  • Progress Monitoring and Growth Report
  • IEP Goal support available
  • Homework assistance available

Virtual Learning

Independent, 1:1, and Group Classes

Designed for K-8th grade 

Subjects Available (Reading, Math, STEM)

Personal Tutor

Tutor - Led 

Great for learners with special needs

Students meet individually or in small groups with the tutor for up to 4 hours per week

Customized Curriculum 

Assessments to identify learning gaps

Join us for in-person monthly meetups if local to Hillsborough County Florida.

For Package Prices Click Here

Independent Package

Access to select personalized online programs and curriculum for reading, math and science with 24-hour access for the school year (Aug-May). Opportunity to join STEM club. Monthly curriculum support from a teacher.

Guided Package

Group Classes with a trained tutor

Meet 2 times weekly  for 1 hour

Meet with the same group of learners

Reading, Math, and STEM

Offline assignments

Access to personalized curriculum

Assessment to identify gaps

Invitation to monthly field trips

Direct Package

Personal 1:1 tutoring

Reading, Math, STEM

Meet 3 times per week

Certified teacher-led

Offline assignments

Personalized online curriculum

Assessments to identify learning gaps

Access to group classes

Invitation to monthly field trips




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All students applying to Learn To Thrive Education Center Full time group must submit the following:

Completed applicaton

Photocopy of birth certificate for student

Copy of immunization record

Copy of IEP (if applicable)

Tuition & Fees

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***Registration fee is due at the time of registration**

Registration Fee  $100   (Click to pay) **Required to reserve a spot

Curriculum Fee  $150 per semester (Waived for students using their own curriculum) 

Technology Fee $150 (yearly)

Materials Fee $200 per semester (August and January)   

Annual Evaluation Fee $25 -current LTT students (Due April )

Diagnostic Assessment Fee $75 for one subject $125 for both (Reading and Math)

Military, siblings, school employees, and first responders receive a discount

* Inquire with the director about more payment options



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